About the Doc

headerLogoDr. Meaux’s Cajun Recipe was born where Texas meets Louisiana.


Forged in the fires of two great cultures, Dr. Meaux’s Cajun Recipe gives you a Texas-sized taste with the flare that only Louisiana cajuns know how to deliver. It truly is the flavor of the South.

They say Dr. Meaux came to these parts from ’round Texas, settled down with that Richard clan and married their pretty daughter. Man, they are some cooking folks! But what they conjured up there on the Bayou is nothing short of a miracle. The best cooking spices from Texas and Louisiana all put in one bottle.

Legend has it that the story of Dr. Meaux began over 50 years ago on the frozen plains of West Texas in the dead of winter. His mamma, a true Texan, bore him the natural way; at home and in the kitchen. Folks say that the first thing he did after taking his first breath of air was grab an old wooden spoon that was sitting there on the kitchen counter right beside him. Some people say that Dr. Meaux’s special ability to cook comes from the fact that he was born in a kitchen. Others believe that the old wooden spoon contains some sort of magic that helps him conjure all of his famous recipes. People can speculate all they want but a single inescapable fact remains, Dr. Meaux really knows how to use that old wooden spoon!!!


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The Dr. Meaux’s Brand



Dr. Meaux’s Brand

Simple, effective lines convey the Meaux name with typical x crossing the right leg of the letter “M” as in “Rx’, the abbreviation for the Latin word “Recipe”.  The number of the breaks in the oval surrounding the mark is representative of the number of family members in Dr. Meaux’s immediate family.  The Mark is used to identify among other things, the swamp creatures that belong to Dr. Meaux and is used extensively in his business and personal inventory.